December 12, 2013

Two words: Study. Hall. Study hall is where your supposed to do work and what not (so the teachers think) but in reality study hall is the place to procrastinate. Super star procrastinators were born in study halls. For example, this guy named Dandrick does nothing! The. Whole. Time. Occasionally he’ll whip out his d.s and play Pokemon, (I’m guessing anyway), or throw things around the room and pick his wax infested ears. But in the end he takes out his homework and at least looks at what needs to be done. Now I on the other hand, I find pleasure in occasionally popping on tumblr or I’ll google random things like, “turtle trying to eat tomato”, and THEN I’ll whip out my homework…I’m slowly and maturely figuring out more ways to pass my 40 minute study hall, like painting my nails, going to the bathroom for 5 minutes to do absolutely nothing, or my favorite; daydreaming about what I could be, or how I’m going to pass my finals with all the studying that I’m forcing myself to do. Which brings me back to my point about procrastinating and being a super star at it. I truly believe that I’m slowly mastering the art of doing absolutely nothing in here. In fact, I think I put more effort into writing this, than I’m putting into my TKAM essay. Dear lord, what am I going to do with myself?

P.s. Should I start up my YouTube channel? I was thinking about vlogging or something, doing tutorials and what not but I’m not quite sure. I’m feeling creative as of lately.

December 11, 2013

  • Essay's really suck, I mean seriously. It's so easy to write a nice long post about how my day went or what's going to happen in the future online but it's terrible trying to follow this essay structure. Tkam (To Kill A Mockingbird) is currently the book that I just finished reading and now I must write an essay on it by Monday. This would be no problem but I have a wedding to go to this weekend!! Rehearsal dinner on Friday, wedding on Saturday, going back to my home on Sunday afternoon. At like 1 o clock. #thestruggleisreal
  • Oh and another thing. My lovely lover Daniel is going on vacation for winter break, oh nosies! He's going to Florida! More time to go shopping for his x-mas gifts I guess !!(: Since I am a newbie at this whole tumblr thing; May I do a QOTD? What cute couple hoodies are out there? I want something cute not cheesey, or too adult like. If you know anything just tell me :D


Well, hello tumblr world I’m Zoe. I’m 14 years old and I think I’m going to do a couple of tumblr couples pictures and what not. Who knows! Oh!! Btw my instagram is: zoeeeeboo !! If you wanna see more photos of me and my life, go there and press that follow button!(: